true but not valid

It has been quite some time since my last post.  Really, I havetelephone a whole slew of excuses, “the holiday season is just so overwhelming”, “I’ve been sick for awhile (ok, like 2 days)”, “I’ve been busy…eating”, you get the point.  The excuses are true, but . . .

Linus and I have a progressive dinner coming up this Saturday and my mind is dancing with how I plan to decorate the dessert table (I try to focus on the important things in life).  After the shindig, I plan to post photos.

In other news, I was rereading this blog post of a very amusing blogger and simply had to share it. This woman is a genius–so apt when articulating my…I mean her…issues with the phone.  Moral of the story, if you call and I don’t answer, chances are I’m staring at the caller ID and completely paralyzed.

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2 responses to “true but not valid

  1. I have to ask.. what is a progressive dinner?

  2. Cindy

    Loved the phone blog!! I’m not quite that bad, but almost. I find myself spending so much time on the phone with friends, that I just don’t want to answer it anymore at all! I guess the plus side is that I have so many wonderful friends. Miss you, girl! C

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