I’m pretty hesitant to write anything that is really meaningful to me because when I reread it sounds so silly and flippant and well, just grr.  But I wanted to write about New Year’s Resolutions.


I received a book for Christmas called “The Gentle Art of Domesticity” and after reading it cover to cover, I will tell you it’s not that great.  However, to pick up the book and flip through it, I am truly inspired.  I’m not sure if it’s the pictures or quotes…

Based on this (and a number of other boring little stories), I decided this year would be a year of inspiration.  I would look for things that inspire me, whether to create, change my lifestyle, or write a letter.  A sort of “out with the bad thoughts, in with the good”…but on a deeper level.


Being the list-person that I am, I created a number of ways to stay passionate about this “inspiration” stuff.  One way is with books.  Linus and I have way too many books– some are on bookshelves, others in boxes but I have a few books set up on my little desk that inspire me.  Just to name a few: the book I mentioned earlier, a book called “Stocking Up” (about preserving the foods you grow naturally), Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis, and the Bible.  I also have a folder on the desk filled with little clippings, stories, etc that have made want to create, be a better person, or think thoughts that’s others don’t challenge me to think.  Whenever I have downtime, I’m tempted to watch television, or I’m ready 15 minutes early for church, I just walk over and flip through one of those books or articles.

So, maybe it’s not a New Year’s Resolution…but it’s a theme.  The theme for 2009 is inspiration.


Do you have themes that run through your life?  Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

(The first two pictures came from stock.xchang.  The last one from the blog Poetic Home–one of my new favs!)



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4 responses to “Inspiration

  1. I love this concept! The Year of Inspiration! I’m really interested in hearing some of the clippings and verses and stories that guide you throughout the year.

    I totally have themes too! One of the themes I’m experiencing right now has something to do with going with my gut. I second guess myself a lot, but the less I resist the current I feel guiding me, the more amazing everything seems to turn out. If I had to name my hope for 2009, it would be The Year of Bravery.

  2. Cindy

    Wow! You two ladies (both of whom I love) inspire me! Bravery and Inspiration…

    I hope for this year to be (and this might only be true for a week or so) the year of discipline! I need to change so many things in my life, and that sort of encompasses all of them – health, housekeeping, correspondence, etc. I hope for this to be a foundational year in preparation for (gulp!) turning 40!

    I waste so much time, have so much I’d like to accomplish, and so little I actually get done. Time to get out the whip!

  3. I love the Year of Inspiration! I think the best ways to accomplish Resolutions is by changing the perspective we have on life.

    My resolution is to make more time for personal, meaningful time. I don’t think the Year of Time would suffice, but I do think that your Year of Inspiration philosophy sums up my resolution perfectly.

    Thank you also for your kind mention of my blog 🙂

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