I must share something with you.  I must.

I added a new book to my top five favorites–and I haven’t even completed it.  It is art.

I told a friend that I would post about good books I’m reading/have read but I simply could not wait to tell you about this book.  In fact, one reason I’m even posting about it now is so that I may dwell in the complexity of the book and not read it; when I read, I draw closer to the end.

Before proceeding, I must warn you: this is a rare book and not for everyone.  The purpose of the book does not seem to be to learn something, to follow an interesting plot, or read about complex characters.  It is about the journey.  While I am a fast reader, I was forced to slow my pace, reign in my wild thoughts, breathe, and absorb each word.  Each paragraph holds something other-worldly.

What is it about, you ask?  I cannot say.  In fact, before I began reading, I looked a for a synopsis on the book jacket and back flap–none could be found, just the praise of reviewers (expected from a Pulitzer Prize winning book).  With much apprehension, I began reading.  It is art.

If you decide to take the leap and read this book, please buy a copy–you’ll need to underline so much.

“This book of wonder is one of the truly beautiful books of this or any other season…which, on any page, offers a passage one can scarcely wait to share with a friend.  It is a triumph.” -Publishers Weekly



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4 responses to “art

  1. Amanda

    Added it to my “to read” list! 😀 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jen

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am going to get that book ASAP! 🙂

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    • McKay

      It’s been a while, I read that one in high school. And I think describing it as art is certainly not far from accurate.

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