thankfulness #2

When I lived in Colorado, I loved to hike. It was never about the end result, always the process. Always. I especially loved the sounds. There were hundreds of coniferous trees and when the wind would blow through the needles and cones it would make a beautiful hum.

While walking the dog the other morning, I passed two huge coniferous trees right as the wind blew. I stopped in my tracks. That sound. My eyes filled with tears. I’m thankful for those trees…a bit of Colorado in the desert.



I’m also thankful for…

5. new life

6. the “newness” of each day

7. a good farmers market, bubbling with excitement and fresh food

8. and a friend who drove nearly 12 hours for a visit.

There is so much for which I am thankful.

holy experience



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2 responses to “thankfulness #2

  1. McKay

    Love farmers’ markets! And wind blowing through pine trees.

  2. Jen

    You look like a rock star in the farmers’ market picture! Very cool 🙂 Love these posts, girl!

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