Dear Winter

Dear Winter,
Thank you for the sweet gift this morning.


Mere moments after I got up, this started.  I immediately went weak in the knees; you know I’m such a sucker for snow.
My dog on the other hand…


was less than pleased.
You and autumn are my favorite seasons.  There’s just something about the stillness in winter that makes me contemplative.
The whole season seems so prayerful.


I was in my beloved Colorado Springs in mid-October and was surprised–the city has so many distractions.  I’ve been away for over a year and had forgotten that part of the city, but it always perplexed me.  How thankful I am to live in a small town!


I know it’s not officially time for you to arrive but feel free to stop by if you’re passing through the area.
You’re always welcome in these parts:)


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5 responses to “Dear Winter

  1. Vicki Cannon

    I’m envious! I love snow! It makes everything it covers look new and clean! It reminds me of how Christ’s blood covers our sins and makes us look new and clean in God’s eyes.

  2. Amanda

    Beautiful!! (Also, poor sweet Duke!)

  3. Julie Hart

    your snow looks so soft and gentle while ours is raging and brutal!!! Love your blog-your writing is so sincere and pure!!!

  4. Jen

    Awww! How beautiful!

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