I’m heartbroken for Haiti and, while I can throw money at it, I’m at a loss emotionally.

The vast difference between American opulence and the poverty in other parts of the world leaves me wading through a labyrinth of emotions…so much so, I try to not think about it (I’m deeply ashamed to write that).  Though we support through Compassion International, there still seems an emotional cavern I can’t seem to cross.  And, when unavoidable tragedies like this happen, I’m even more lost.

So, I throw this out there–though, I’m not sure what function it serves…other than, it prevents me from keeping it all bottled up inside.  That’s what a blog is for, right?

How do you deal with all of this?


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  1. Kansas Wind

    Prayer crosses the cavern. It is where we can struggle together, the Haitians and us. Money, if given out of love and wisely spent, becomes two things: An answer to the cries of others…and a prayer itself offered before God.

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