baby room – a work in progress

When you walk past the doorway, this what you see.  The bookshelf is one my dad made me and we restained to match the rest of the dark wood in the room.  The bookshelf is filled with delightful books and trinkets (which will, no doubt, have to be moved as soon as Baby is crawling and walking).

Once you walk in the room a little, you see the rocker; draped over the back is a gorgeous blanket a sweet friend made the baby.  The crib (we’re waiting for a white crib skirt) has all white bedding with only a few pops of brown and yes, the Moses basket is on the floor (for aesthetic value only…I don’t plan on leaving it on the floor with Baby inside).  A wee rocking chair from my childhood is in the corner and above the rocking chair are (handmade) replica antique vocab cards (next picture is a close-up).  There’s a 3 ft. picture above the crib of a serene lane covered by tree branches.  The curtains and curtain rod are one of my favorite things in the room, photo also below.

The curtain rod is a bundle of sticks we got from HobLob and I made the curtains.

The last wall in the room has the changing table/dresser. We restained this dresser (it was also one from my childhood) and painted the handles (we looked everywhere for handles that would fit the holes in the drawers with no luck).  The basket is full of diapers and the jars are filled with cotton balls, Q-tips, one is empty, and the one in the back contains some pretty rocks I found while taking the dog for a walk while pregnant.  I hope to fill it up with more rocks from walks with Baby:)

Above the dresser is something of a 3-D collage that baby will be able to see from his crib. The framed photos of critters are Martha Stewart flashcards (sent from another sweet friend).  The hanging silverware were from my childhood and they’re tied together with twine.  Though difficult to see, there’s a little soldier on the shelf, it was my Uncle’s when he was a child.

One week from today, I will officially be full-term.  I’ve heard the last trimester is the longest but I have to disagree…the first two were ENDLESS!  Still, we cannot wait to meet the little guy.



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11 responses to “baby room – a work in progress

  1. Cindy

    Tara, what a lovely room. My goodness, what else would I possibly expect from you? 🙂 I can’t imagine anything how the room could more reflect you, and I just love that. I am rejoicing with you from far away! I’m sorry I can’t enter in more. Know that you are loved and cherished!!! Love, Cindy

  2. I would have totally been and would still be a baby in that room…
    but I’m sure yours would grow tired of my morning breathe.

  3. Jen

    Oh girl! What a beautiful room!!! I absolutely LOVE all the tender touches you added. The rock thing made me cry (hormones or just me, take your pick!) and I love the vocab cards they are precious. Seriously – what a fabulous idea. FABULOUS!!! Love it all and love that you are blogging here again! =)

  4. Karen

    Wow Tara! I can’t believe all the detail you poured into that room! You could seriously hire yourself out as an interior designer 🙂

  5. Tayde Bausch

    Tara, Oh my goodness what a lovely and beautiful room.
    The details you poured into into this room are absolutely beautiful.

    Tim and I are so happy for you guys. Enjoy every single moment, it goes so fast. Jonathan is already 4 months we can’t believe it.
    awwwww I want my little tiny baby back. He is growing so fast.
    I told my love we need to continue practicing for the second one, of course ! God’s will comes first. 🙂

    Tim and Tayde

  6. Mawmie D.

    Our baby will be so peaceful in that room. Say it over and over, and maybe via osmosis, he will enter the world only laughing when he is wet, hungry, cold, etc. How could he possibly cry in THAT room???
    Love you my sweet.

  7. McKay

    That is so FAB-ulous! I love the room! You’ve created a great space of peace and tranquility.

  8. Can I just say that I am in love with that curtain rod branch! I am soooo gonna do that in my living room! What a killer room!!!!

  9. You are truly gifted in this area!

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