Adventures in Cloth Diapering

It’s official.  I’m blogging about diapers; I must be in the throes of motherhood.

I have received quite a few questions from folks interested in cloth diapering but reluctant to take the plunge.  And there is SO. MUCH. INFO. out there, it’s difficult to wade through.  Here is my experience and you can glean from it what you will.

First of all, here is what I did to prepare for baby.  I knew I wanted to do fitted diapers so I got the Flip Snap diapers.  Also, I heard about GoGreen pocket diapers and the prices were just so great, that I bought 6 of these.  The Flip diaper came with 6 inserts and the GoGreen diapers each came with 1 insert so, I started with 12 inserts and 8 covers (approximately $100).  Despite everything I read (which said I needed to spend about $300 to get started), this was the perfect amount to start…it allowed me to try it out without putting too much pressure.

And then I waited for baby to come:)

E was born 5 lbs 9 oz (I hope to post  my birth story soon-ish) and I had planned on doing the one-size diapers.  The weight limit on those starts at between 8-10lbs so he was far too small for them and wore disposables for the first month or so.  I couldn’t stand how much we were spending and was infinitely relieved when E weighed enough to start cloth diapers.  Immediately I was hooked (my dh was convinced it was a fleeting whim)!  Here are my observations and changes I made along the way (bulleted list to streamline the information…I know your time is precious).

  • The Flip diapers are the superior diaper.  They feel more substantial and fit my babe much better.
  • The Flip inserts…if I could love a diapering product, I would love this one.  At first, E wouldn’t sleep in cloth diapers because they didn’t wick the moisture away but these inserts do.  The side of this insert that touches the baby’s bum is suede and works wonderfully.  Seriously.  When I change him, sometimes I can’t tell if it’s wet.  Magic.  As soon as I started using this inserts at night, he started sleeping 6-8 hours.  I cried I was so happy.
  • GoGreen Pocket Diapers.  They’re pocket diapers…essentially, a one-time-use diaper (and way too much laundry for me).  So I cut out the pocket and I use them as covers like the Flip diapers.  If you’re looking for more economical, they are the way to go but only if you do the same.  If you only use them 1 time, you’re going to need a lot more.
  • I needed more!  I definitely wanted the Flip diapers so I bought another day pack (2 covers and 6 inserts)…another $50.  And to be quite honest, I could use another 6 inserts or so, only because they are E’s favorites.  So, that brings the grand total to around $175 (a far cry from $300).

Cleaning/Dirty Diaper Bag

The question I’ve received the most is about the smell.  When I used disposables, I noticed the smell MUCH more than I do now.  Here’s my process:

  • I bought this diaper pail from the BX but if I had it to do again, I would simply buy a metal flip top trashcan.  I put an Arm&Hammer fridge disc in the top and I seriously don’t notice the smell at all.
  • Currently, I just use a regular trashbag but I’ve got the fabric to make a liner that I can just turn inside out and throw in the wash with the diapers.
  • I use cloth wipes (more on that below) and just wash them with the diapers.
  • I wash my diapers every other day (also helps with the smell).  I throw them in the washer the night before and fill it with cold water and let them soak in about 1/2 c. of baking soda.  I run the load as soon as I get up the next morning, take out the covers and hang dry them, run the washer again on hot with a 2nd cold rinse, and dry in the dryer (if it were summer and not dusty/windy, I’d line dry!).

*Side note:  My sweet babe is exclusively breastfed and breastfeeding poo is water soluble.  When he starts eating “real” food, we will be using these liners to dispose of his solid waste in the toilet.

Cloth Wipes

  • I just bought some super soft (super cheap!) fabric and cut into the size of wipes (total cost: probably 75 cents).  They are in a clay pot my brother made.  They all go in the same pail–easy peasy!
  • The wipes are dry in the pot so I have a spray bottle with a homemade cleaning mixture that I spray on the wipe before I use it.  I’ve heard of other people putting their wipes in a wipes container and pouring this mixture over the top…I would just be worried about mold.
  • Here’s the cleaning mixture I use:    1 cup warm water, 2 tablespoons Aveeno baby shampoo, 1 tablespoon olive oil , and a couple drops of Lavender essential oil

Hope this helps!  If you have any questions, throw them in the comments section and I’ll answer them from there:)


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7 responses to “Adventures in Cloth Diapering

  1. Jen

    Hey girl! We don’t cloth diaper but I think it is awesome that you are and have had such a great experience with it! I know these tips will be great for moms who choose that route! I know when we were looking into it I would have loved to have had these simple and easy to understand steps and tips. Sounds like you are doing a FABULOUS job with this mommy thing! Besides all the diapering stuff….oh dear, that boy of yours is gorgeous. I mean, absolutely stunning!!! Can’t wait to hear more (hint, hint) from you on this adventure in mommyhood. Keep the posts coming, and pictures of that doll wouldn’t be bad either!!! =)

  2. Amanda

    I’ve been cd’ing since my dd was 13mths old- pt’ed and now my son from brith (he’s 8.5mths) We use flip diapers and really like them. I also found if your son doesn’t like the wet feeling you can always cut strips of fleece material and use it as a liner for both poop and to wick away moisture. I put a fleece liner in my sons diapers when he’s wearing a prefold. It alway keeps him super dry. I’ve also used thirstie covers with my flip inserts, I really like those covers as well.
    Good luck in your adventures in cloth!

  3. Ashley

    Questions: 1. Is is realistic to get by with two flip day packs? 2. When you say you wash them with baking soda, is that in addition to detergent or alone? 3. Are they a pain to change when out-and-about? (be honest!)

    I need help convincing the hubs.

    Give Mr. E smoochies from me. Miss you!

    • tc

      Hey Ash!
      1. Whether that is realistic is going to depend on Cullen’s poo-schedule. I can plan on having to change the cover every time E poo’s (which with teeth coming in, is almost every time). I started with 8 covers and there were times I went through all of them in two days; now I use more. It also depends on how often you want to do laundry…if you’re just trying it out and you’re willing to do laundry every day, 4 covers (2 daypacks) might work.

      2. I use baking soda and a bit of essential oil. My diapers started smelling swampy around 3-4 months so I added a bit of white vinegar to the rinse cycle and “wah-lah”…no more swampy smell. I also hang my diapers to dry (using a retractable clothes line one my backporch) and now I don’t use vinegar anymore. You can use detergent but only use 1/4 of what you normally use (and only free & clear type soap).

      3. I’ll have a hard time answering this one because I never really got used to disposables. I buy disposable inserts (they’re biodegradable and about 5$ for 20). I love those! On one trip home to visit family, I used disposable for the road and another I used the cloth covers with disposable inserts. I had no “blow-outs” with the cloth and two with the disposables…those carseats made it go right up his back. Eww. But on our trips to “the city”, we use the disposable inserts with cloth covers and they work great! Not a pain at all. Oh, one more thing, I use cloth wipes at home but I use disposable wipes when out.

      Hope that helps! 🙂 Love to your kiddos!

      • Ashley

        Thanks so much! Your info has been a huge help. Another question: Are the flip diapers one size/adjustable or do you have to buy different sizes as baby grows? Also, are they bulky? (okay- that was two questions) You’ve seen my skinny babies and I need something snug. I SO appreciate you taking time to help me!!!

      • tc

        I just realized I didn’t answer this…so sorry!! As you’ve probably figured out, the flip are one size. They were bulky at first; E looked like an eggplant for the first 4 months. If we have another, I’ll probably buy some newborn cloth diapers:) But the Flip definitely worked:)

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