Nighttime Routine and Eczema Solutions

About a month or two after E was born, I read that setting up a nighttime routine with your baby will help them learn that night is, in fact, different than day–especially for the winter newborns who are stuck inside all day.  We immediately started a routine and soon after, he began sleeping through the night.  Beautiful!  Our routine goes something like this:

  • Read a book
  • Take off clothes 
  • Get in the bath (E yawns as soon as he hits the water now.)
  • Lay on his bedroom floor in diaper only and get a little baby massage (this step has been removed recently–E would think it’s playtime and get wound up)
  • Nurse & Burp
  • Lay down a little drowsy (I would say, “Go to sleep” and sign “sleep” to him.  If he fell asleep while nursing, I would wake him up just a little during the burping so he would go down drowsy and not asleep.)
  • E lays in bed and talks/coos, eventually drifting off

Just before we started the routine, my sweet baby starting getting scaly skin and his scalp started flaking a lot; the doctor told us it was eczema.  You can see the white flakes in his scalp in the photo below.

He told me that the scaly skin would eventually go away (hopefully) and just to keep applying lotion.  Because E has a full head of hair, it was darn near impossible to moisturize his scalp.  My aunt told me to take a baby toothbrush and baby oil and rub it in his hair and then wash it out.  So, for bathtime, I would rub his scalp with the baby oil/toothbrush and then right before taking him out, I would wash it out with baby shampoo. I only did this process once or twice a week and slowly the flakes started to go away.  (Side note: Our baby started getting spots all over his face and it eventually moved to the rest of his body.   It turns out he’s allergic to the J&J baby shampoo so we only do unscented Aveeno and that fixed it.)

Now for the scales on the rest of his body.  I bought the expensive Aveeno baby lotion for eczema and, though it diminished slightly, his skin still felt like rubbing a snake the wrong way.  A friend of mine noticed my eczema lotion and told me what she does and it worked like a charm!  Before I get E out of the tub, I take Vaseline and rub it on the worst spots (his elbows and knees).  When I dry him off, I gently pat the areas that have the Vaseline, so as not to wipe it off.  Put jammies on and in the morning, he has soft skin.  It has works marvelously!

Hope this helps some of you mamas out there!:)


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4 responses to “Nighttime Routine and Eczema Solutions

  1. McKay

    I use coconut oil after the shower all over, face included, and it helps my still-accustomed-to-humid-weather skin. Storing your beads of wisdom away and loving them!

  2. Karen R.

    I have super sensitive skin, myself, and get psoriasis or eczema patches off and on. I have found that using unscented soap, like Dove, helps a lot. I also use dye/scent-free detergent for my clothes. I’ve also found that I can’t bathe my skin everyday, because that removes my body’s natural oils that help maintain healthy skin balance. A lot of the problem happens to be the water itself, which contains lots of minerals and my skin just happens to be sensitive to them, especially the chlorine.

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  4. I used Olive Oil on my little ones to massage and moisturize. And when they started getting a bit older I use Aquaphor. It works magic on dry skin and sensitive skin.

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