Pioneering Through Memorization

As mothers, we are all pioneers: cutting a path for our families with endless bouts of trial and error.  Sometimes I hack away and discover that I’ve veered from my destination.  I bend the knee and submit to Truth.  Again.  Trial and error.

I could not have been prepared for those first couple months of motherhood.  With little time to shower, let alone structured scripture reading and prayer, I was losing the fight to my crazy postpartum hormones.  Before E made his way into my life, my focused times with the Lord were held in a special quiet place with my Bible and my journal.  Read and write.  Read and write.  Contemplate.  Pray.  Read and write.

But now, there was no time for that luxury.  My focused times with the Lord were in the shower- no Bible, no journal.  It was at this point, I returned to scripture memorization.

Memorizing scripture was a love that had not been passionately pursued for some time.  And now, it was my only access to Truth, my double-edged sword.

I banned the phone from the nursing chair (such a distraction) and spent those late nights memorizing, memorizing, memorizing.  Every 2.5 hours, the Spirit would graciously refocus my heart away from guilt, pity, or self-loathing and toward Truth.  Pushing through tired brain (much more difficult to memorize when you’ve had 4 nonconsecutive hours of sleep) toward a powerful peace.

Though the challenges are different now than they were those first hazy months, I’m still daily cutting out a path for my boy and me.  When I start to veer, the very word of God steers me back into Light.  Though it may come in the form of words, it is power that is solidified within me.

For the kingdom of God does not consist of words but in power.  
1 Corinthians 4:20
(If you’re interested in joining us on this path, here is a great resource for scripture memorization.)


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2 responses to “Pioneering Through Memorization

  1. McKay

    That’s wonderful! I love your water-like spirit, finding a new path to your goal as your surroundings change – inspirational for all military wives! I’ve missed your blogs!

  2. Ashley

    I am memorizing scripture WITH Miss J. Yes, slightly elementary for me, but I am so amazed at how well she is retaining the verses. Two-year-olds are WAY smarter than I ever imagined (sometimes that is good and other times, not so much!).


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